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Unique luxury fitted wardrobes in London

When you are planning a refurbishment, it might be a good idea to make sure you have enough storage space.


It’s no secret that most of us desperately want and need to find a new home for the clothes, shoes and other things we have nowhere else to put. The truth is, even if we utilise the space offered by the pre-made furniture to the maximum, the room’s potential is wasted.

Freestanding wardrobes don’t allow for customisation and definitely won’t let you make the most of the space.


Putney - bathroom 01.jpg

Our wardrobes are designed to maximise the space in your home. They will be tailor-made to fit your budget and your specific needs. We can meet you on-site and discuss all your needs, then go back and design your wardrobes.


This will result in 05 Joinery building you a beautifully designed, meticulously-crafted bedroom with more storage space than you might think. All that to help you fit all of your belongings into about two to three times more space than traditional solutions.

Bespoke fit for balance and storage

We understand that your needs sometimes call for a special approach and a lot of creativity. Due to our great experience and perfect precision, we will manufacture luxury fitted wardrobes in our London joinery that will inspire you for years to come. We offer bespoke designs that will be beautifully adapted to meet the storage space and aesthetics that you desire.


At 05 Joinery, our designs are available in all sizes, shapes, colours and finishes, all to exquisitely match your home decor and style. Over the years, we’ve gained a great deal of insight and know-how on maximising space solutions that are not only great to look at, but also have a fabulously crafted finish on the inside. Design a room for yourself that matches your lifestyle perfectly.  

Why should you choose London’s finest bespoke wardrobes?

We manufacture furniture that’s made to last for decades. Our designer will work with you to create such a design that will match the interior decor and become not just an element of your interior, but a statement. We’ll take care of all of the finishing touches and make your wardrobe look stylish and luxurious.

We offer you our knowledge and experience to help you come up with the exact end product that you’ve always dreamed of. Our experts aren’t afraid of any disproportionate shapes, limited space or wardrobe types.


We’ll give it our best and present you with the most beautiful walk-in wardrobe, a regal bespoke dressing room, the finest walk-through wardrobe or a functional and inspiring fitted wardrobe. Your possibilities are endless and the design is limited by nothing.

When is a made-to-measure wardrobe the smartest solution?

Sloping ceilings, unusually shaped nooks and crannies, chimney breasts; these are the things that give a room character but can create a lot of wasted space, especially if you choose ready-made bedroom furniture.


We are able to create bespoke fitted wardrobes which can stretch from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, even in the most awkwardly shaped rooms.


Our made-to-measure designs are always made with an individual approach. We greatly value our customers' trust and time, thus we are designing every project with care.


Our mission is to prepare a masterpiece that will perfectly blend in with the house and meet the individual needs of our clients. Therefore, our projects are greatly functional, original, and luxurious.

The steps of the design and montage process

Our excellent design process starts with a one-to-one consultation and a home visit. We gather the initial information on aesthetic preferences, specific requirements and needs. Then comes the design work where we deliver the bespoke concept.  


We will work with you in order to create a storage solution that will not only be of a unique style and configuration but tailor-made to the exact dimensions of your room or space. Once you approve the wardrobe project, we manufacture it in our Wembley joinery. The last step is delivery and montage.

  • Do sash windows open inwards or outwards?
    Usually, they only move up and down because the frame - sash - allows only vertical moves. However, many modern manufacturers make windows that tilt inwards to make cleaning easier.
  • What is the cost of sash windows and what does it depend on?
    The cost depends on the construction and size of your windows, glazing, the area you live in and the age of your house. If you choose uPVC windows, the prices are 40% lower than those of timber ones. We make sure our prices are attractive for everyone but to tell the exact price we need to consult all the requirements with you.
  • What materials are sash windows made of?
    Traditional sash windows are made of wood. Nowadays, you can choose timber frames as well. However, uPVC windows are more popular due to lower costs and easier maintenance. uPVC windows consist of plastic frames, double-glazed glass with a layer of air trapped between 2 panes of glass (argon, krypton or xenon). Because of that, the heat is kept inside the house, the noise is isolated and the security is much higher.
  • What buildings and rooms are sash windows best for?
    Sash windows look good in older and modern buildings equally. We can help you match the style to your house no matter if you’re looking for something vintage or contemporary. The sash windows are perfect for every room.
  • What are the advantages of sash windows?
    Sash windows have great insulation, which helps you save money on energy bills so you can be sure you’ll be warm in the winter. uPVC is a low-maintenance material and it’s really easy to clean. They are also eco-friendly since they’re recyclable and considering the fact that you’ll use less energy, you will produce less carbon. They are very durable - we use only top-quality materials and you can be sure your windows will last 20 or even 30 years. Additionally, you can choose from different styles and colours and make your sash windows look unique.


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